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Frequently Asked Questions

What pricing plan better meets my needs ?

Just like Myddleware, our offers are extremely flexible. Would you rather migrate your data by yourself ? The Free Forever plan is for you. Need help to start off ? The Quick Start plan is advisable. The Business plan provides you with monthly professional assistance and monitoring services. If you’d rather have Myddleware experts take care of everything, the Deluxe plan is recommended.

I need a Myddleware expert’s assistance. How do I proceed ?

Use our ticket service to contact us !

What if I simply need extra information without any intervention on my system ?

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our tutorials and our forum. Another user’s answers to your questions can help many others. Should you have further inquiries, we remain at your disposal here.

The applications I want to connect are not yet available on Myddleware. How can you help ?

This service is part of our Deluxe plan. A special fee is applicable. Please contact us for more information.

I need specific developments, do you offer that service ?

Yes, Myddleware is an interface tailored to your requirements. Please contact us and we will assess your request.