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Manage old data with the reference date

During data integration operations, the reference date enables you to extend the effect of data integration rules to old data, i.e data that was registered on your system some time ago. The possibility of integrating your data with regards to a reference date also contributes to the uniformity of your data and over all, to a greater data quality.


Connect your E-commerce tool to your CRM (1/3)

If you own an online shop, it is hard to do without a customer relationship management tool (CRM). It is in fact one of the best tool combinations to help you to enhance your service offers and customer relationship.

We have identified three big steps for a facilitated data transfer between these two systems : the planning, the implementation and the maintenance. Follow our advice to smoothly connect your e-commerce tool to your CRM

First article of our series : the planning phase Step 1/3 : The planning phase – Defining your business rules

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